October 8, 2018 in Business

Working From Home 2 – Do You Need Planning Permission?

Man sitting at the kitchen table working from home on laptop

Your Home will have Planning Consent for Residential use only unless it is obviously a commercial property e g one property with a flat over a shop. Working from Home can have several effects.

What you should do if you Work from Home

If you use part of your home for solely business use then you should apply for planning consent for that part of the property. If you use a building in your garden to manufacture clothing then that is what you should do. However if you have a room that you use partly for work and equally for family use then it is probably not necessary.

The Problems of Applying for Planning Consent

  1. As your home the property will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax when sold. However if part of it is business use then that proportion of the proceeds of any sale would be subject to Capital Gains Tax.
  2. On your home you pay Council Tax. However the part of your home used for business would become subject to Business Rates.
  3. You would have to obtain consent from your mortgage lender to the application. Their mortgage may be conditional on the property being solely residential use so this could be a problem and they may object. It would affect their ability to resell the property.
  4. Your planning application would be advertised and your neighbours made aware of it.
  5. You may encounter objections to your application from the Council or your neighbours . Possible grounds are noise, smell and deliveries. Visitors and potential employees parking their cars are potential hazards. An increase in traffic on your road however small could be an issue.

Also if you are carrying out any adaptions to a building – e.g. new walls, new electrics for extra demand – do not forget you will need Building Consent for the work either by applying to the council or employing a contractor able to certify the work. They will also register it with the Council on completion.