Contract / Terms & Conditions Review

A Sound Investment

Many businesses put off having individual accurate Terms and Conditions and Contracts until they have had a problem. They have to go through all that wasted time, effort and worry when it could easily have been avoided. Documents off the Internet or documents used for many years are rarely fit for purpose in today’s commercial world.

Our Services

If you already have a Contract or Ts and Cs  you can let us have a copy in Word and we will:

  1. Provide a report on the merits of the document- what is good and what is bad.
  2. Give an opinion on if it meets your requirements.
  3. Suggest improvements.

This is for a fixed charge of £220.

If you then want some minor changes, we can do these for you at our current hourly rate.

If you need and would like a new document, we can provide you a quotation under our Bespoke Documents service. The charge already paid for the Review will be deducted from the figure.

It is always up to you how you wish to proceed. We will do the review and inform you what is required, and the costs involved. If nothing is needed, we will just say so.

It is for you to make the decision.

Do not be tempted to assume this is better or easier than providing your own without being sure what you are agreeing to. You may get a very expensive nasty shock.

A contract can come in a range of forms. It can be balanced between the parties or favour one side over the other to quite an extreme extant.

We can go through any contract, tell you what it means in plain English and give an opinion as to if it is wise to sign it. You will be told of any important changes that are advisable.

For a B2B contract it is possible to exclude practically everything apart from injury, death, and fraud there is no obligation for anything to be fair. So, protect yourself now and do not regret signing in haste and repenting at leisure.

For a fixed of charge of £220 we will go through any contract, give you a short report on what it means and any recommended amendments.