About Us

Many small businesses avoid all things legal for as long as possible until something happens to make them sit up and take notice. Often this is something they would rather avoid.

We believe that all small businesses should look at legal issues from the very start along with marketing, sales etc. as they all go together in the grand scheme of things. Brilliant sales figures can be easily dwarfed by a pressing legal claim. Many do not realise there are steps that can be taken to prevent this.

Barkley Legal provide small businesses – both start-ups and those already in business for a while with information and access to what legal information and documents they need. We will not sell large packs of documents that look impressive but are far more than you need or have time to understand. We provide only as much as you need. This will be in everyday language you can understand and for all budgets.

Anne Phillips was a solicitor for many years and acquired a wide experience of all things legal. For over ten years she has run her own business gaining hands on experience of what that entails and helping other businesses with theirs.

In her spare time Anne enjoys going walking around the countryside.

She is aware of the large gap that exists between what small businesses actually need and their understanding of what they need.

We are now looking to provide the resources, advice, and information to keep your small business legal and vastly reduce the risks it could face that could prove a vast test of your time, bank balance and stress levels.

Why we do it

  • Make sure you know the rules and laws that apply to you. Then follow those rules.
  • Understand the Risks of your Business. Different businesses have different risks.  Do you know what yours are?
  • Show to your clients that you are professional.
  • Make it clear to your clients what agreement you are reaching and avoid any confusion and arguments. Time spent arguing with Clients is wasted time and will impact on your profit.
  • Too many businesses put off sorting out legal issues until they have a problem. Sorting out the legals never seems to be  a priority even though failure to do so can destroy a business.
  • Our mission is to make legal services accessible, so everything is sorted. Pain, time and losses are avoided.