Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are essential – for every business

See our readable straightforward templates that will protect you business

Your clients can proceed confident as to what has been agreed and what not.

You will look professional and give your clients reassurance.

The terms agreed will be clear and later potential disputes avoided.

What you must never do 
  1. Copy a competitor- you do not even know if they are right in the first place
  2. Download a general template off the internet and use it without any guidance or explanation – you could get a totally unexpected and unpleasant outcome.
You need different terms if your client is :

a. A Business (B2B) where what goes is what you agree.

b. Private individuals (B2C) where they have the benefit of consumer protections.

c. Whether you are providing services or selling goods.

We currently offer four different sets of Terms and Conditions- although our range will increase over time.

How do our templates work

We provide a straightforward legal document that you can amend and brand for use in your business.

You choose whichever template fits your business. We provide a guide to help you complete it. 

Plus an added bonus you can have half an hour of our time to answer any queries you may have to obtain the best result for you.

Good terms are essential to reduce the possibility of doubt and arguments.
  • It concentrates the mind on what exactly you are offering, when, and for how much.
  • It sets out what happens if something unexpected goes wrong e.g., COVID, a boat sinks, a lorry crashes, or you get ill.
  • It specifies what you expect the Client to do and not do. eg provide information, answer questions promptly, and be fully open and honest.
  • It clarifies how the contract can be terminated, or postponed. eg no last-minute cancellation of meetings, an unexpected demand for a refund
  • It covers confidentiality and who owns the intellectual property in any materials supplied. The person who owns the IP is not always who you would expect.

If you sell online to the general public you are obliged to give the client the right to return goods/cancel services in many circumstances. The penalties for failing to set out these rights are severe. It is important to get this right or it could prove very expensive. So get this right from the start.

B2B Terms & Conditions

If the client is a business the terms are what you agree- so they need to be right and for your benefit.

We do not expect you to be able to complete these alone. We provide :

  1. A Guide to help you with what the clauses mean and what you need to consider before completing these.
  2. We also offer half an hour with us to go through any questions or queries you may have.

We do not expect you to do this alone as many others do but are there with you to ensure the best result to keep you safe.

In a B2B world, you do not have consumer protections so it is important you set out your terms for doing business. This avoids complications and arguments later.

Template Documents available:

B2C Terms & Conditions

For use where your  Client is a private individual and not a business.

You must beware -they have the protection of a wide range of consumer rights that you must reflect in your terms. If you do not set out certain things it could prove very expensive.

If you sell online, you are obliged to give any private person the right to return goods/cancel services in many circumstances. The penalties for failing to set out these rights are severe. 

We provide to help :

  1.  A guide to help you with what the clauses mean and what you need to consider before completing these – and how to complete to this right. 
  2. We offer half an hour with us to answer any questions or queries.

Help is available so you get this right. We do not just give you a form and expect you to get on with it. This is complicated stuff that we try to make straightforward for you to use.

Choose the right template for your business depending on whether you supply services or sell goods. Template documents available:

Need further help?

To give you peace of mind once you have completed your template, if you wish, you can arrange a 30 minute meeting on Zoom to discuss any points of concern.