Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, many businesses do not know what legal services they need and should have. Barkley Legal looks to make sure that they do understand what they need and why.

You will find that you only deal with the basics this way- service/goods, price etc. You will not cover all the detail that protect you if there are any problems. Set everything out in Terms and Conditions and Contracts then both parties know what is agreed . You will findverything will run far more smoothly.

Barkley Legal will give you a cost before you start . It will be affordable. It will be far cheaper than if you were reacting to an event gone. Far better to make sure the incident did not happen in the first place.

Compliance with GDPR among small businesses is generally quite bad. The ICO were initially more tolerant of small businesses However fines have started . GDPR is about a culture change and the implementation of procedures Many have an inadequate privacy policy on the website . Barkley can explain the basics and show you how straightforward it can be when you know what you are doing.

Legal issues can come out of nowhere and destroy a business. The best chance of success is to have everything set up properly, legally on good foundations. You are then in the best situation to succeed.

You could but that is a bad idea. Every business is different and needs documents tailored to that business. Every clause of a legal document is there for a legal reason. If you do not understand the reasons you can easily make a serious mistake.

We believe that legal documents should be readable , jargon free and easy to understand. Every business and their clients should read them at the start. They are not for reference when something goes wrong but a tool to avoid anything going wrong.


Very badly is the answer. Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime. Small businesses are regarded as easy game because they do not sort out protection for their systems. For instance, Ransomware attacks can lead to your system being seized followed by a demand for a large ransom to release it. You pay the ransom, or you lose the data. If you lose data, you have to tell the ICO and worse you clients. You will not see them for dust after that. All best avoided if possible.