For Terms and Conditions please see our templates available.

If you believe these do not cover your business or you need something more detailed, then please contact us about our bespoke service.

Our Bespoke Service covers not just Terms and conditions but also:

  • contracts
  • franchise agreements
  • shareholder agreements
  • service agreements (but not employment)
  • GDPR documents including data processing agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • and many others

Protect yourself by ensuring what is agreed is properly recorded and all bases are covered. What exactly is offered, how you will be paid, what happens if something goes wrong, comply with GDPR, and limit your liability where you can.

Look professional and ensure you and the other party are on the same page.

What We Do

  • Work with you to establish exactly how you want your business to run at each and every stage so it reflects your Brand.
  • Encourage you to reflect on all the problems you have had and work out how to avoid a repeat.
  • Stress the importance of having procedures and documents that are practical , specific to your business and work for you.
  • Look at your contracts and discuss with you so they say what you intend them to mean. The English language can have many interpretations. Make sure you have the right one and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Draft you readable Jargon free documents that you and your Clients can and will read.
  • Use precise, plain simple language. The legal effect is the same as long tedious documents. It is often better because our documents can be read and disputes avoided.

What We Do Not Do

  • Provide unnecessarily long documents.
  • Use lots of impenetrable Jargon.
  • Feel the need to offer long definitions of words that are obvious.