May 19, 2024 in Terms and Conditions

Why do I need proper Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions

Comments we get.

What do business owners do when you mention Ts and Cs?

  1. Change the subject.
  2. Think it is just a piece of paper that has to be provided in some shape or form.
  3. Think you can just copy them off someone else?

For some reason, many businesses are blind to the importance of having good Ts and Cs that protect their business.

Ts and Cs are not a one size fits all document whatever the endless templates would have you think. Yes, there are common clauses that most need.

Think of the similarities between your business and the ones around you. Then think of the differences based on what you do, your customer base, your procedures, your values and most importantly- what can go wrong- because everyone has something go wrong at some point however careful they may be.

  1. Why do we need Terms and Conditions? I have never had a problem.

Answer – You are entering a contract with your customer, and you need them to be clear about what they are getting so you do not argue for not providing something you never intended in the first place. This reduces the scope or arguments down the line.

You can set out how and when you expect payment.

If you have had no problems, it is a question of when not if you will.

  1. I can just copy my competitors

Answer- Not a good idea at all.

How do you know your business is exactly the same?

How do you know their Terms and Conditions are accurate and legal?

Do you know if they cover what your business really needs?

Also, they may be subject to copyright, and you could get a claim for damages for their use.


  1. Terms and conditions are just a piece of paper that no one reads

Answer- In your private life you may just ticks boxes to say you accept Terms and Conditions without thinking when dealing with a small company. As a private person you have the protection of consumer laws.

In business it is very different. You are on your own.

A business owner should read the Terms and Conditions of suppliers they use Large companies tend to rely on people not reading their Terms and Conditions and dark things can lurk in there. These are often only discovered when something has gone wrong, and the supplier points out they have no liability.

Top Tip- Also get your clients to read your Terms and Conditions so they understand what they are getting into- for this you need to make sure they are readable and understandable.

  1. I can just use a free template from online

Answer: Your Terms and conditions should reflect your business. What you do. What can and probably does go wrong. Templates are by nature very generic. They will cover general issues but that one thing that goes wrong in your business will not be. Terms and conditions should be specific for your business to be effective,

Please contact us for comprehensive readable Terms and Conditions for all budgets.