April 9, 2019 in Cybercrime

Interesting facts you can learn at a Cyber Security Conference

The result of an adventure to Manchester:

  1. There are lots of businesses offering new services and products against problems and issues that most businesses do not realize exist let alone need services against. Cyber-crime is the fastest growing crime of all.
  2. The Police want you to report any cyber-crime to them at Action Fraud, They have been criticized for not doing anything but do need to have evidence and records of what is happening. You can do this online or by telephone.and also sign up for alerts. Contact details
  3. If fraud causes you to lose money or there is some other loss it should be reported as a crime to the normal Police channels.
  4. It is highly likely that your user names and passwords are for sale on the Dark Web along with lots of other undesirable things. There are 2.2 billion stolen User names with passwords on there
  5. The volume of malicious attacks on your website from all over the world in any day is unbelievably high which is why you need maximum protection. Some 500,000 new malware appear every day of which 75% are only used once.
  6. You need to keep totally up to date with software updates. There can be a short delay when malware appears and the fix is issued but any damage is minimized. If you fall behind then disaster can strike.
  7. People are still too laid back about passwords. Still popular are the old favorites Password and 123456. Even Donald and Football make the top twenty. Passwords should not relate to any information about a person that can be found on the internet such as on Facebook as hackers know how we think and can work out these things. We are not as clever as we think we are.
  8. Businesses are developing new technology but not ensuring the software keeps up . Some CCTV cameras of the type heavily advertised on TV to protect your home were found to be vulnerable to the code being replaced so your feed could be stolen. You could find your self looking at someone else’s baby or front drive on your phone. You should also check how long support for your device will be available as this can be overlooked and once support ends the device can either cease working or be totally exposed

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