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Many businesses avoid legal issues believing that:

  1. They are things for solicitors to deal with and they cost a lot of money
  2. They cannot understand anything legal as it is all jargon
  3. It is all boring
  4. Nothing bad will happen to them and they will deal with it as and when it does.

In reality, if someone can run a business, they can understand the basics of law as they affect their business and must make sure they do so. This could affect the long-term survival of their business. It is far too important to leave to solicitors and all the bad things will have already happened by then. Law is for everyone or should be. Business owners must be proactive not just react to events. It may then be too late – or at least very expensive when that could easily have been avoided.

Law must be Accessible, Affordable, and Practical.

Documents must be only as long as essential. They must be readable by any business owner- not something you get out when something has gone wrong.

The standard business owner has no idea how much time, money, and sleepless nights they can save by starting with a proper legal structure and all the right legal procedures and documents. Relationships with Suppliers and Clients will be smoother, and the chances of disputes reduced. Everyone will be happier.

The owner has had 30 years’ experience as a solicitor in practices in Birmingham, Kent, and Norfolk dealing with business matters and property helping clients.

Now Barkley Legal looks to provide businesses with the legal service they need to be successful. There is no point in having fancy marketing and high sales if some legal issue hits you from the side and knocks you out of the water. It will certainly not be boring then.

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