February 25, 2019 in Cybercrime

Using your own Laptop, Tablets and Smart Phones at Work

Working out of the Office is becoming more and more common .Employers encourage it as it saves them the expense of providing office space for all its employees.

This can be working on the go, working at home or just working from different locations. Many employees use their own equipment for this.

Third Party Contractors are increasingly used and will need access to all the data to do their work properly.However it brings a whole range of risks. Security and confidentiality are essential.

The Advantages of this Include

  1. Employers are saved the cost of supplying the equipment
  2. Employees can use the machine they want eg. with Windows or a Mac
  3. Employees may be more careful with their own equipment
  4. Flexibility to work on the go


  1. Security and Confidentiality Risks
  2. Good Policies are needed and compliance enforced
  3. Good management required

Important Steps to Take

1.Ensure good password management with training and enforcement

2. Regularly back up systems

3. User to keep systems up to date as no IT department

4. Agree a list of approved apps and services that can be installed as business data must be protected

5. Arrange for any device to be swiped when an employee leaves the business.

So get organised. Contact ainfo@barkleylegal.co.uk